Have you been in a high-risk situation for HIV infection during sex? Emergency

If you’ve been in a high-risk situation for HIV in the past day or two, you should immediately go to a hospital emergency room or a Checkpoint center. You can significantly lower the risk of getting infected with HIV after unprotected sex if you react quickly. The sooner, the better!

A specialist will discuss with you whether an emergency treatment is necessary. The treatment is called PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis). In such case you’ll take pills for a short period of time, which can prevent an HIV infection.

The sooner you get on PEP after a high-risk situation, the greater your chances of preventing the infection.

What if the high-risk situation was more than two days ago?

If the high-risk situation happened more than two days ago, you should urgently go to a counselling centre or talk to a doctor and discuss a possible HIV infection. Use a condom until an HIV test confirms no infection.