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Safer Sex is better sex

How you decide to live your sexuality is completely up to you – and it can change over the course of your life. The important thing is to respect other people’s boundaries and to take care of your sexual health.

Just as your sexuality is unique to you, so is choosing the right protection against sexually transmitted infections. That's why you should find out more about safer sex. Because if you know the risks and how to deal with them, you can stay healthy.

Different protection strategies

There are various ways you can protect yourself. The main thing is that you inform yourself as some protection strategies take time to work.

And don’t forget that you can still get infected even if you take precautions. If you have sex with multiple partners, it’s important you get tested – particularly if you’ve been exposed to a high-risk situation. This way, you can protect your own health and that of your sexual partners.

Your Safer Sex Check

Do the personal Safer Sex Check now to get individual recommendations on protection and testing.