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HIV PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis)

PrEP is a medicine taken in tablet form before and after sex to protect against HIV.

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The key takeaways

  • People with an increased risk of HIV can protect themselves from transmission with PrEP.
  • The medicine is prescribed following a consultation with a medical professional.
  • PrEP must always be taken under medical supervision.
  • To be effective, PrEP must be started long enough before sex and continued for long enough afterwards.
  • When taken correctly, PrEP provides reliable protection against HIV. However, it doesn’t protect you from other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

More information is available from the Swiss AIDS Federation the Swiss AIDS Federation.


While taking PrEP, it’s essential you regularly get tested for HIV and other STIs. Seek advice from a medical professional about this.

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Good to know

From 1 July 2024, the compulsory health insurance will cover the costs of PrEP for people with an increased HIV risk if certain conditions are met. Get the right PrEP advice here.

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