I had unprotected sex. What do I need to do?

As far as HIV is concerned, vaginal or anal sex is considered unprotected if you’ve used neither a condom nor PrEP verwendet hast.

PrEP = pre-exposure prophylaxis. It’s a medical protection against HIV by taking pills. For more information, go to www.myprep.ch

Did you have that type of sex with your regular partner, and are you sure that both of you have sex only with each other? And did you both take a test at the beginning of your relationship to rule out an HIV infection? If so, there is no risk for HIV.

If you had unprotected sex with someone else, find out what the risk is. Depending on the circumstances, you may have to act immediately.

If the HIV high-risk situation happened a few days or weeks ago and you are now experiencing flu symptoms, it might be a sign of an primary HIV infection. [Link zu «HIV-Primoinfektion», S. 11] If that happened, you should act immediately and contact a doctor or a counselling centre.

If you’re unsure or have questions, contact a counselling centre [link] to discuss whether it makes sense to get tested for HIV or for other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).